University of Maryland-R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma

Program Description

Type of Program
This Fellowship Program at the University of Maryland Medical Center and R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center is considered to be the premier clinical trauma / critical care training program. Originally considered a clinical Trauma Fellowship, it evolved into the Surgical Critical Care Fellowship in October 1993 when it was accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education. The Fellowship clinical experience is based at the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center and the University of Maryland Medical Center. The goal of the Fellowship is to produce academic leaders in the areas of critical care and trauma.
The Fellowship is a one-year program involving patient care, education, and research. The program includes the following rotations: two months of Trauma Team, two months in the Multi-Trauma Critical Care Unit, and two months in the Neuro-Trauma Critical Care Unit at the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center; two months in the Surgical ICU, one month in the Medical ICU, one month in the Cardiac Surgery ICU, one month of Critical Care Echocardiography at the University of Maryland Medical Center; and one month Elective. Electives are available in Trauma Anesthesiology, Trauma Radiology, Trauma Infectious Diseases, Transesophageal Echocardiography, NeuroCare ICU, Burn ICU, Pediatric ICU, Emergency Medical Services, and more.

Year Fellowship Started: 1989

EM-CCM Program Status
Department of Surgery, Program in Trauma

Application Method & Deadlines
Rolling application and acceptance, approximately 1 year in advance. Candidates/Residents should apply in the spring of their PGY2 (in 3 year EM program) or PGY3 (in 4 year EM program).

Application Requirements
Completion of an ACGME-accredited Residency
Applications require Curriculum Vitae and 3 letters of recommendation.

Number of Fellows per year
14 total (includes up to 5 EM)

Length of Fellowship
1-2 years

Primary Training Site Demographics
   Number of Hospital Beds: 747
   Number of ICU Beds: 220
   ED Annual Visits: 64,960

Affiliated Sites
University of Maryland Medical Center
R. Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center
Baltimore Veterans Affairs Medical Center

EM-CCM Fellowship Education
Under the guidance of a strong faculty, fellows master the cutting edge techniques of critical care medicine including advanced methods of mechanical ventilation and extracorporeal support of failing lungs, kidneys and hearts. The global critical care management of the multiply-injured trauma patient is a focal point of the Fellowship experience. The fellow will learn to manage the severely brain-injured patient and the critically ill surgical patient. Experience is also gained in the management of single and multiple transplant recipients as well as patients after open-heart cardiac surgery.
Fellows become proficient in the evaluation of critically ill and injured patients; the initiation of appropriate and complete diagnostic and treatment plans; the development and implementation of patient care plans; and providing leadership. The fellow has full responsibility as trauma team leader, gaining a broad range of experience in the management of blunt and penetrating trauma. Administratively, the Fellows are expected to grasp the art and science of trauma team administration and to achieve a working understanding of major issues in trauma care such as, resource allocation, costs and ethical dilemmas.

Fellows may opt to remain for a second fellowship year where they are provided opportunities for research through the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center research program, as well as an opportunity to enroll in a Master's Degree program through an affiliation with the Center for Injury Research and Policy at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. EMS and pre-hospital research opportunities are available through the National Study Center for Trauma and EMS and in cooperation with Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems (MIEMSS). This is recommended for EM physicians.

Sample Curriculum
•Trauma Team
•Multi-Trauma Critical Care Unit
•Neuro-Trauma Critical Care Unit
•Select Trauma Critical Care Unit
•Surgical Intensive Care Unit
•Medical Intensive Care Unit
•Cardiac Surgery Intensive Care Unit
•Critical Care Echocardiography

•Trauma Anesthesiology
•Trauma Radiology
•Trauma Infectious Diseases
•Transesophageal Echocardiography
•NeuroCare Intensive Care Unit
•Burn Intensive Care Unit
•Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
•Emergency Medical Services

Additional Program Highlights
•Courses: ATLS® Instructor, DMEP®, FCCS®, Ultrasound and Echo
•Core Curriculum: 80 Faculty Lecture Sessions on Trauma & Critical Care
•Conferences: Trauma & CC M&M, Grand Rounds, Journal Club, Research Meeting

Listing of Graduates & Years
2014 Qasim, Zaffer
2013 Sabolick (Finn), Erin
2013 Haase, Daniel
2013 Paterson, Tara
2013 Smith, Barry
2012 Aydin, Ani
2012 Boswell, Kimberly
2012 Jain, Ashika
2011 Jones, Kevin
2010 Tortorich, Amy
2010 Zhong, Xun (Shawn)
2009 Shiber, Joseph
2009 Truong, Hanh
2008 Marcolini, Evadne
2008 Rollstin, Amber
2008 Simmons, Dell
2008 Villarreal-Alejandro, Onier
2008 Yeatts, Dale
2007 Flaxman, Alexander
2006 Farcy, David
2006 Mayglothling, Julie
2006 Rosonke, Steven
2006 Tawil, Isaac
2005 Marinaro, Jonathan
2005 Reiss-Holt, Amber
2005 Weingart, Scott
2004 Elie, Marie-Carmelle
2004 Goyal, Munish
2004 McGlaughlin, Timothy
2004 Menaker, Jay
2002 Braud, Christine
2002 Hogan, Christopher
2002 Slesinger, Todd
2001 Osborn, Tiffany
2000 Wilson, Michael
1999 Smith, LaMont
1996 Bozeman, William
1991 Milzman, David
1990 Gaasch, Wade

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