The Association for Emergency Medicine-Critical Care Medicine Program Directors (AEMCCMPD) began meeting informally since 2009. The first meetings were held in conjunction with ACEP and SAEM annual meetings, and later followed with quarterly conference calls. The first project of this group of Program Directors was to collaborate on an ACEP Section Grant to assess the compliance of fellowships with established pathways for EM physicians with ACGME Common Program Requirements and ACCM guidelines for critical care medicine training. (1)

Since its inception, the goal of the AEMCCMPD is to welcome and include any Program Director that trains EM physicians. Prior to this, there was no organized forum for these Program Directors to discuss common issues in training EM physicians alongside trainees from other backgrounds. Additionally, these Program Directors recognize the unique need for career mentorship of the dually-trained EM-CCM physician and the inter-Departmental collaboration required for successful curricula, funding mechanisms, and GME support of these specialized training programs.

In 2011, the AEMCCMPD will pursue tax-exempt status as a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization in order to continue to support the growing need for support of EM-CCM training programs and physicians-in-training. We hope that this forum will continue to grow with Program Directors from a variety of backgrounds in order to discuss, evaluate and collaborate in areas of common interest in Critical Care Graduate Medical Education.

Further questions OR if you are a Program Director interested in joining our group and have your training program featured on this site, please contact Lillian Emlet at support@emccmfellowship.org.

1. Dorman T, Angood PB, Angus DC, et al. Guidelines for critical care medicine training and continuing medical education. Crit Care Med. 2004;32:263-72.